Gallery 2020

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The Eagles have been doing their training via Zoom for the last 3 weeks. We hope to be training back at the club very soon! 

Thanks to everyone who participated and to all the coaches and trainers who stepped up to this very different way of coaching rugby league. Coach Matt's Baked Beans Boxing will go down in history..

13 June 2020

SonnyandJonny2019JointBest Player
JackBennettBestYoungPlayer 2019
Harry Spencer Team Man 2019
BenWest Best NewComer 2019

Open Age Awards Night

Sonny Kelly and Jonny Davies (Currently playing R.L at Swansea University) were voted as joint players of the season for 2019.

Club Captain Harry Spencer was voted Team Man of 2019.

And U17- Jack Bennett was voted Young player of the season for 2019.

Dec 2019

GB Pioneers V Albania
GB Students V Albania
GBStudent Pioneers
Josh Bull Student Pioneers From Keith Sandu - Copy
Josh Bull Student Pioneers From Keith Sandu

Josh Bull former Elmbridge Junior player and Open Age player represent Scotland Students and GB Student Pioneers


Recently Josh Bull (currently playing at Reading University), represented Scotland Students in International games and GB Student Pioneers on their ground breaking tour to Albania to support the development of Rugby League in the country.

Jul 2019