Touch Rugby

Sept/Oct, 2020

Off Season Touch R.L Club


In response to existing member requests and to support sport and Rugby League within the community during covid times, the Club has arranged to run a pilot/ trial ‘off season’ R.L club. 6 sessions are planned on Saturday afternoons @ OCs 2-3pm, commencing on 26th September. To get the guys into the spirit of things and to offer a hand of sporting friendship to the Rugby Union section of Old Cranleighans, Elmbridge R.L entered into a ‘Cross code’ touch R.L fun day @ OCs and a good time was had by all (Whilst following the Covid guidelines).


The R.L Touch Club caters for all abilities and age ranges and is mixed/inclusive with trial arrangements for a walking touch R.L class for parents and the masters section of the Club. It’s a great opportunity for existing members to introduce friends to the Club and get a ‘taster’ for some of the core skills of R.L without the physicality of Rugby League during the regular season. If anyone is interested in having a go that is new to the club, they should contact admin@elmbridgerl.con to ensure covid guidelines are followed when coming to the sessions.